About Me

With more than 33 years of experience, I bring a practical, creative, and strategic eye to my work with organizations. I ask a lot of questions –many, many questions– to get to the heart of your needs and your outcomes. The only cookie cutters I use are for holiday sweets. I am committed to working with you and your organization to create the right  path. I’ve facilitated more than 100 strategic conversations or planning sessions for membership and non-profit-organizations both large and small. I’ve designed marketing and rebranding initiatives. I have developed training and capacity building programs for both boards and staff. I have led teams in organizational and management audits of associations. I have a national reputation as a skilled facilitator and practical, engaging conference and workshop speaker. Where did I gain this experience? As a bar association professional with the New York State Bar Association, I worked with internal groups to develop strategic direction and directed outreach, membership and communications strategies. As the associate director of the ABA Division for Bar Services, for 20 years I crisscrossed the country helping organizations and their leaders.

About Our Associates

Our associates represent expertise across a variety of disciplines when the project demands more. From marketing and branding to human resources management, we bring you the best.