Looking for Your Next Professional Challenge? Do’s and Don’ts

I have spent the last six weeks or so assisting with the search for the c-suite level position at a membership organization. In the processes I waded through countless resumes and held a week’s full of screening interviews. If you are looking for your next chapter, here are some ways you can improve your chances of getting a second look.

  • Do make the purpose of your search specific to the job. Don’t string together a list of your attributes and end with “to help the company grow.” Your sense of adventure, enthusiasm, and organizational skills need to mesh with what the employer is look.
  • Do show an understanding of the organization’s business structure. Word allows for editing. Do you know that? Tweak your resume for the job you are seeking.
  • Do visit the organization’s website. Sounds basic doesn’t it? You would be surprised how many candidates don’t.
  • Don’t deliver a laundry list of how the organization’s website needs to be fixed. Of course if you are applying for a webmaster or communications position and are asked then go for it.
  • Do remember that that the question “What interests you about this position?” isn’t really about your love of skiing because the job is near Vail. Off the bat it isn’t about you.
  • Do send a thank you after the interview. Be specific about the conversation.
  • Do think about your pivot. If you are changing industries, have an answer as to why.
  • Don’t tell me that you are  bored. You sound like a whiny kid on a rainy afternoon. Boredom shows a lack of initiative.
  • Do think about what you can add to the culture not just how you will fit in.  Ask the question.
  • Do dress for  FaceTime or Skype  like you would if it were in person. 
  • Do use LinkedIn to checkout the profile the person interviewing you.
  • Don’t burn your bridges. If for some reason you don’t make it to the second round or the third round, please do not respond by saying, “I didn’t want the job anyway.” Certainly don’t besmirch the organization. Be gracious.
  • Don’t be a nudge. Follow-up questions are fine. Asking about details in preparation for a second or third interviews is appropriate.

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